My Views on the Apple Magic Mouse

I wanted to bring up one of my favorite input devices for the Mac. And that is the Apple Magic Mouse. Now this isn’t no ordinary mouse. This is something you will love once you adjust to using.

Lets talk about its functions. Its bluetooth, so no need to have a 12 foot usb stick coming out of your mac usb port just to find out it breaks. It uses special laser technology that makes it very precise and saves battery power. Its multi-touch surface makes it awesome. You don’t have to worry about all these buttons, because its all touch. It still uses its amazing one button mouse feature but you can program it to have left and right click. It also has scrolling features. You can also change the settings to do different things with using two fingers and stuff. There is so many programmable gestures.

Many guys think Bill Gates is the inventor of technology. I disagree with this, it’s Steve Job’s. Take a look we have a touch mouse with multi-features. Does Bill Gates have something like this? No, they have an over-priced mouse thats uncomfortable and with about 30 some buttons. Yet I can do that on my magic mouse.

Here is my thoughts on this amazing device. I first buy the apple magic mouse for about 70 bux. Its pretty cheap and I needed an input device for my Mac because I am lazy. I didn’t like it at first but after finding out theres a prefpane called MagicPrefs it made it the greatest tool ever. The prefpane allows you to adjust the speed for users like me that have used mouses for over 15 years now. It also can be fully programmed for applications and certain commands. For example different ways I swipe a certain amount of fingers on the mouse, or if I swipe my finger on the stem (apple logo on the mouse) I can have the screensaver go off, or an application load. This is great for anything. I use this mouse a thousand times better than a normal one for a Windows computer. Its the best mouse I have ever experienced. Nonetheless playing Unreal Tournament 2004 on my Macbook Pro w/ Apple Magic Mouse… you can’t go wrong. I just love the feel of this mouse. It’s smooth and connects automatically to your mac. It’s the most accurate mouse I have ever used.

More info on Apple Magic Mouse here
Magic Prefs here

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