Windows 7 or Mac OS X?

I just want to bring this topic up for more of an open discussion. I know I only said one blog entry a day. But I have so many topics that I want to discuss, and I am so excited, lol. I want to hear YOUR thoughts and opinions on likes, dislikes, preference, opinions between Windows 7 and Mac OS X. Now I am completely open on this because I don’t dislike either.

As any of you guys know that I am an AppleFan. If you didn’t know well now you know, lol.

So I got so into using Mac OS X. I loved it so much. But Microsoft came out with Windows 7. My thoughts on this before it came out… I thought it was going to be worse than Vista. But my peoples that I fix computers for said its supposed to be better. And I didn’t believe them. A friend that I worked with even showed me the pre-release (I was so anti-Microsoft back then and I was closed to new ideas by anything but Apple. Which is my bad). I played with it and thought it was cool, I was like yea whatever. Even though I kind of thought Windows 7 was cool… still not my liking and I did say at one time that Microsoft stole the dock, gui and everything else from Apple. I realized Windows 7 was something. One of my peoples i fix computers for wanted windows 7, so i hooked them up with it. (ended up being a fix to me having to fix computers.) It worked and he liked it. I started changing my views. As of today… I really like Windows 7 (no offense Apple Inc. I am still on yourside). And anyone with Windows Vista or with computer problems I make them Upgrade to Windows 7… oh they thank me later. This made me actually quite happy, I wasn’t bothered 24/7 (literally knocks on my door at 4am, really was disturbing) it fixed that, and I also found out there now is life to those people and computers that use/run windows 7.

Here I will say it… I think Windows 7 is a pretty good Operating System. The very first Microsoft OS that Microsoft has ever made correct for once. Now that doesn’t mean I am a Microsoft User. Yea I use there products… so what?. Its a Microsoft OS that I can feel like a human to use. Something I will enjoy using. Besides I need it for college.

Oh and pc hardware? yea its worthless to me… other than for a cheap cheap hardware server, cuz pcs overheat and are cheaply built, sorry… I used to think the opposite when I was younger, just like I said AMD was great. Ha. Im full intel.

So starting early August… I will be a PROUD Macbook Pro owner with a secondary Macbook running Windows 7. Because I love how Windows 7 runs on a Mac… Stable, fast, awesome design, great battery life… what else can I ask for when it comes to computers? Yea you can get me an iMac, iPad, Mac Server (2 of these, one for personal use and the other one for something that would be great if I get what I want), iPhone 4 (cuz my order got canceled *cry*), and lastly a Macbook G3 w/ Mac OS 9… to experience the full feeling of what it was like to run a Mac OS 9 os back in the day.

Remember were Discussing “Windows 7 or Mac OS X”. NOT the extra stuff I was talking about. Thank you

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