Modding Your PS3?

First off I am quite impressed that they finally have a “legit” mod for the PS3. I read awhile back that they were eventually going to have a mod for the PS3 to allow the possibility to play PS3 Game backups. Well now it has arrived.

A little bit about my interests in modding. I am a software guy therefore I am all up for soft-mods. I have soft-modded (using already made software) PSP, iPhone, iPod. And there were other devices I played with. So if anything of mine can be soft-modded I would soft-mod it. Its too bad my D-Link router can’t be soft-modded, otherwise I would.

There is a link below on how to soft-mod the PS3. It basically explains step by step process on how to backup and run the PS3 backups. It will require a USB mod chip.

I like the soft-mod to the PSP. This soft-mod we call “pandoraizing” your psp. It allows you to play “homebrewed” games, PSP backups, PSX games, NES games, sega genesis, N64 games, and all kinds of soft-mod packages for it, etc.

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  1. it does not require a mod chip. this is a software mod. its more or less lets you play backed up games just like they had in the ps2 and psx. there is also a link posted if you want to take a look at that.

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