A Cheap Powerful Mac Server

It has been awhile since I have blogged. I have just been busy with college and work. But I am doing well.

I was recently searching for a server. Preferably a Mac Server for my home network. I have been searching for quite sometime now and the Apple XServe was pretty expensive. After time I found out you can just run Mac OS X server on any Mac. So I chose the Mac Mini. To this day you can now buy an official Mac Mini Server for only $999. It is upgraded from the standard Mac Mini and provides a lot more power. At that price you get 2 – 500gb hard drives, 4gb of memory, and many other things. It has a built in HDMI port. Nonetheless it even has WiFi. WiFi syncing of all your devices. Server also has email capabilities and web capabilities. It is a great server for all your needs. Also, Mac OS X server provides everyone with unlimited licensing. That means you can have an unlimited amount of devices using it. This is a wonderful powerful machine that I want to hopefully own one day. There are so many capabilities with this server. And I could do so much with this. Imagine the possibilities.

And if your looking for extra storage, there are raid storage units available for all Mac Servers.

Order your first Mac Server at Mac Mini Server

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