Windows Phone 7 Update: Bricks Phone

After reading my daily news I have found something really interesting to write about.

Finally, I do not know how long I waited for something like this to happen. It is official that Microsoft released an update to there phone and many users have been reporting that it bricks the device. Microsoft continuously tries to be like all the other companies. Apple released the iPod. Microsoft years later does the same thing. Same thing for the iPad and magic mouse. This made a highlight of my day. To see Microsoft fail like this.

Redmond Pie

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  1. Now, I’m aware that you are posting this partially purely to bait me in. It worked.

    I don’t even need to say anything about the iPod, as even suggesting that it was the first MP3 player is just ridiculous.

    And the iPad, really? MS is copying Apple? Have you ever taken a look outside your Apple-world?

    Yes, MS messed up with this update, but at least their system isn’t messed up from the get go.

  2. Well yes and no. I posted it to everyone who loves the Windows Phone 7 along with trying to draw up a debate. Sometimes its fun to argue over stuff. I did look at the devices they made. They seem pretty cool. I used to have a dell pocket pc running windows. I really loved it. It also played quake 3 which was pretty fun. But I just wanted to point it out about the update because every company makes mistakes. They point out that the iPhone 4 had antenna problems when using the gaming death grip. I just wanted to point out some issues with the other companies so everyone can see companies make mistakes and it should not be about what they do or did but what they do for you and your preference. Or the lawsuit with Sony against hackers and how Sony invades privacy. Theres a big issue with that and with the DMCA. Thats all.

  3. Don’t get me started on Sony. I know. Either way I hope MS can make WP7 competitive, competition is good for everyone.

    And when you ask a lot of people, iOS is definitely the system to beat. Android, I believe will fall if WP7 can do something drastic (which I believe this Nokia partnership may be the key).

    And I do think iOS is great, I just think the iPhone 4 could’ve been better. I think it put Apple behind by a year (maybe more depending on what they do for iPhone 5).

    We’ll see.

    1. Just a question. When I reply back to this do you receive an email? I am just wondering because if you do not I might have to create something that does. No of of this topic.

      I see where your going. iPhone’s are not always the best. People love them for many reasons. I also do agree with the Android platform. It is pretty interesting and it is something I would like to try. Possibly to develop for in the future. Android is a very powerful OS. It is derived from Linux. Yea about the iPhone 5 umm idk. I hope its not a disappointment at the same time I hear they are going to have a better notification system. We will see where things go.

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